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Tips On The Best Ways To Create High Quality Backlinks

how to get backlinks

Why are backlinks Important For Ranking?

A backlink is when you have your website URL listed on someone else’s website. These are imperative and more of them you have, the more traffic is going to be directed from your site from other sites. Also, backlinks are well thought of by the large search engines and therefore your pages likely to rank higher because of them.

The worst backlinks to get are those linking to the home page of your website, with anchor text not even relevant to your site from a spammy internet site. Those count for nothing regarding search engine rankings. What search engines want to see, especially Google, are links from relevant sites, with relevant text, pointing to related sites on a relevant topic. Google’s main rule has always been to improve the user experience, and what better way to do that than to make sure everything is on topic and related to each other? That nearly guarantees that people will find what they’re looking for in the search engine.

For example, if you have a website on Swedish cars with individual pages about Swedish car manufacturers such as Volvo and Saab, with even more pages about different car models, you’ve got a lot of backlinks to get. The links to your home page should be about Swedish cars, the links to your Volvo page should be about Volvos, the links to your Saab page should be about Saabs and so on.

You should not use one generic anchor text to your website. You should also not just link to your homepage. You want every page on your website indexed and ranking well plus you’ve already gone through the trouble of optimizing each page about its unique topic, so why wouldn’t you do the same for backlinks?

We know that backlinks are advantageous for your website, particularly for SEO purposes. However, many personalities fail to recognize the importance of getting quality backlinks, thus, instead of helping their site rank better and get the better-targeted traffic they’re hurting their website by linking to weak and irrelevant sites.

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So how do you get high-quality backlinks?

Press Release

Get quality backlinks from places that matter for your site by writing Press Release (PR) for news and press websites. If your PR is well-written, then there’s a good chance that authority sites and news sites will pick it up and use if to their sites.

Submitting your PRs to every news site you know can be very demanding and hectic. Thus, you should be aware how to use distribution services to help you distribute your content to rightful channels. PRWeb is what most SEO experts recommend.

Social Bookmarking and Signals

Generating backlinks from high-ranking sites, such as sites loved by search engines like social bookmarking sites will pump up your SEO and Page Rank. Social bookmarking sites allow people to “bookmark” their favorite pages to read later, and this can be a great avenue for you to start getting targeted traffic and free backlinks. It’s good hitting two birds with one stone.

Reviews and Testimonials

Writing honest and unbiased testimonials for products and services you’ve used in the past is a good way to establish your name and brand online as a reputable business. If you display your reviews on your website, and people search for its keyword in search engines, your page will show up to the results page. Make sure you write good, unbiased, informative, and comprehensive reviews that people can use.


Article Submission

Article submission is often criticized for its efficacy. However, this strategy is pretty demanding, and it only works to those who are diligent in writing much good quality and highly valuable articles to the right article directory sites.

You need to keep submitting quality and valuable articles to article submission sites until you hit the number one spot.

Online Advertising

This is so important since it builds traffic for your site and helps to create high-quality backlinks. Word of mouth advertising is one way, but not the most efficient. Then there is advertising on classified that are usually free. Posting on various ones will help you to gain exposure.

These are just 5 of the many things you can do to get high-quality backlinks. You can always use all these methods or focus your efforts on one or two, depending on your skills, time, and resources.